Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

new work / 1st performance in France
ven 25 mars 2022

Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

fri 25 Mar 2022

Diana, Even - Kat Válastur [Greece]
Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

Diana, Even - Kat Válastur [Greece]
Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

Diana, Even - Kat Válastur [Greece]
Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

Diana, Even - Kat Válastur [Greece]
Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

Diana, Even - Kat Válastur [Greece]
Diana, Even

Kat Válastur [Greece]

Kat Válastur [Greece]

Quantic Artemis

An arrow sticks into a tree in the middle of the forest. At the same moment, Artemis, goddess of hunting, and protectress of the fauna and flora, falls to the ground and instantly dies. Kat Válastur, the Greek choreographer, and prominent figure on the bustling Berlin scene, turns the myth upon its head and transports us into a new place in time and space. Via an incursion into quantic mechanics, she makes it possible for seemingly incompatible states to exist within the figure of Artemis. The goddess of Nature becomes both huntress and prey, dies and then comes back to life. In an attempt to re-establish this balance which has been interrupted, four dancers and four polyphonic singers embody the oscillations between the multiple versions that are imaginable in history. In her latest creation Diana, Even, Kat Válastur seeks to overturn our certitudes and plunge us into a multitude of possibilities. A performance that promises to take our breath away!

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Programme du festival
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Conception, choreography, performance
Kat Válastur

Xenia Koghilaki, Malika Lamwersiek, Ogbitse Omagbemi, Tamar Sonn

Pleiades Vocal Group (Aliki Atsalaki, Stella Grigovits, Vassula Delli, Eirini Kyriakou)

Lighting design & technical director
Martin Beeretz

Stage design
Leon Eixenberger

Assistance lighting design
Vito Walter

Assistance stage design
Cecilia Nercausseau Gibson

Sound design
Cesar B.

Choregraphic assistance
Lena Klink

Marie Gerstenberger, werkstattkollektiv

Dramaturgical advice
Filippos Telesto, Yiannis Papachristos

Production management
Sina Kießling

Mandatory particulars

Kat Válastur

HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin) I NEXT Arts Festival (Kortrijk) I Points communs, nouvelle scène nationale Cergy-Pontoise / Val d’Oise

Funded by
Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Capital Cultural Fund (Berlin).

new work / 1st performance in France
Dates / Schedules
friday, March 25 at 21h00
Individual rates
Tarif B
Plein 17 €
Réduit 13 €
Jeune 18-30 ans 10 €
Jeune -18 ans 8 €
Demandeur d'emploi 8 €
Solidaire 6 €
Pass Campus 6 €
Subscription rates
Tarif B
Découverte 12 €
Grands spectateurs 10 €
Jeune 18-30 ans 8 €
Jeune -18 ans 6 €
Demandeur d'emploi 6 €
Duration of the show



Tout public à partir de 15 ans

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