White Cube

Renzo Martens [Netherlands]

documentary film
mer 23 mars – jeu 24 mars 2022

White Cube

Renzo Martens [Netherlands]

wed 23 Mar – thu 24 Mar 2022

White Cube - Renzo Martens [Netherlands]
White Cube

Renzo Martens [Netherlands]

Renzo Martens [Netherlands]


In this film, the Dutch artist Renzo Martens – the author of the remarkable work entitled Enjoy poverty in 2008 −, gives us an account of his unique experience in Lusanga, Congo. In 2014, a group of artist-planters formed a cooperative in order to sell their works and buy back lands which had been confiscated for several decades due to their exploitation by Unilever. Shown in the most prestigious museums across the world, from New York to Amsterdam, these works symbolise post-colonial re-appropriation of a joyous kind, which has a direct effect on the lives of the inhabitants. In Lusanga, a whole new ecological and economic has come to light: post-plantation. Seizing upon the western concept of the “White Cube”, the workers set in motion change of a radical nature in the face of inequality, bringing with it a great deal of hope.

In connection with this performance
Debate : Art, développement et justice spatiale en situation post-coloniale
with Renzo Martens, and Maia Ghattas, researcher in Geography at Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
/ Thursday March 17 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Cinéma Utopia, Saint-Ouen l’Aumône
/ Réservation >

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Art, développement et justice spatiale en situation post-coloniale avec Renzo Martens
Programme du festival

Renzo Martens

Renzo Martens, Dareck Tuba, Hans Bouma, Maarten Kramer, Daan Wallis, Remco Bikkers, Louise van Assche, Eric Vander Borght, Jean Counet, Deschamps Matala, Lisa Perez, Boaz van der Spek Montage Boaz van der Spek, Eric Vander Borght, Jos de Putter, Jan de Coster

Second unit
Eric Vander Borght Son Papy Bambole-Kandole, Dareck Tuba, Philippe Benoit

Sound design
Ranko Paukovic Scénario Renzo Martens

Renzo Martens, Irene Kanga, Matthieu Kasiama, René Ngongo

Mandatory particulars

Pieter van Huystee Film (Netherlands)

IntiFilms (Bruxelles) I Human Activities (Democratic Republic of Congo / Netherlands)

Partner TV channel
VPRO (Netherlands)

documentary film
Dates / Schedules
wednesday, March 23 at 18h00
thursday, March 24 at 20h00

Tarif unique 5 €

Duration of the show



Tout public

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